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Thank you from Katee...

I wish I could have been there to see all of the Love this year. The pictures most surely don't do it ANY justice.

From my experience with the Love House and the Christmas' that I had because of them, I know how generous everybody is. The amount of time and thought that is spent each year to gather gifts, wrap them, and take them to each of those children and families is just so heartwarming to be a part of and to be on the receiving end as well. This year, Sam, Josh, Twila, Michelle, Jodi and Nana (aka as Miss Maureen) , and everybody else behind the scenes pulled out all the stops. They always put 110% of themselves into everything they do for these children . I wish I could be there to see the faces of each child and family who thought they either wouldn't have a Christmas, or be able to provide Christmas for their children. I just wanted to say that every one of those kids is loved and they are NEVER alone. They will ALWAYS have the support of the Love House behind them. I know that personally because I was helped for years and this year with being able to get gifts for my daughter when I didn't think I was going to be able to. Nana always tells us that they will never leave us and I and so many of us are living proof of just that.

The groups that Nana puts on to help these children are incredibly informative. They teach life skills, relationship do's and don'ts; what to expect and accept from your partner, and how to maintain a health goal and to work on it. Nana puts them together, and tries to get the very best person to teach the children in the system, to share personal experiences from their own pasts.

So, I just wanted to give a HUGE thank you and I love you to the Love House and Nana, because they, and her, have been such a defining part of my life. I miss being able to be part of this wonderful time of year with them.  thank you for joining the Love Train.

Katee Barr-Moreira​

Hi, my name is Sam and I have been with love house for the past 4 years and they have helped me with my schooling and getting my GED​. They have pushed me to do my best and I thank all the supporters because it wouldn't have been possible without all of you guys ​to help me push to be a better person. ​I am not only one of the love house kids, but I am a​n active volunteer for the love house and I want to thank you all for making me a better person​.

Please consider purchasing a ticket to our fund raiser to make my experience the story for others like me. I want to meet you personally. Tell them Sam sent you..

Congratulations to our girls for an outstanding job on parenting in Life skills program!


I remember the first day I went into DCS care, being separated from my brother and placed in a home with just my younger 2 siblings. This to me was the scariest. Not long after my first placement I was sent to live in foster care even more separated from my family. This foster home was the first and last for me. I was moved around school to school, group home to shelter, to running away over and over again.

I met Maureen when I was 13 years of age, she had come to supply the home with school supplies. From that day on she was stuck with me. She soon became my mentor, I even started seeing her as a mother figure. She always showed me kindness that I never knew existed. As I grew so did our relationship. Throughout my adolescent years in DCS and all my defiant tricks up my sleeve to push everyone away, she still stayed. As I hit 18, I started pulling away. At the age of 21 and 3 kids later, I started getting into drugs and alcohol. 2 years later I had started an addiction with METH, lost my kids and ended up homeless.

Maureen always there to kick me in the butt and tell me the harsh truth about what I was doing with my life. She was my voice of reason in those times of rock bottom. 

2022 Golf Fundraiser

Fast forwarding to the age of 24, I was fed up with life and were my bad choices had left me, missing my kids and missing being happy with myself, Loving myself. I enrolled in College. Throughout these times let’s not forget the truth about me calling Maureen every once in a while, from a different number and different address, always with bad news and the promise that one day I would finally get it. Well, that day had finally came. I graduated college! Got my girls back! Have been stable for a year now! I work Community Bridges helping others that were once in my position. I am now working as a medical assistant, and just was approved for my level one fingerprint clearance. All of this would have never happened if I didn’t have that one voice of reasoning teaching me how to love myself and know my worth. Of course, I didn’t know this at the time. Maureen has helped me in so many ways, words cannot completely say how much she is appreciated for what she does with children in foster care. Growing up in foster care I didn’t learn anything from them nor did I learn how the real world was. I had no life skills. The only thing, person that I had was Maureen and her Love House Kids Program.

Thank you so much for being the person I needed you to be in my life. I am forever grateful to you.

Christmas 2020

My name is Amy and I am a former love house kid. The love house kids program has impacted my life in so many positive ways. When I was in group homes they provided all the gifts for our christmas's for me and my young son. Being a young single mom was difficult but with the help of maureen and the love house kids program I was able to transition out into young adulthood. The love house kids program provided a condo and all the needed supplies to regain custody of my son. I am now 27 years old and my son is 12 years old. I am very close to completing my degree in the social work field and am working full time. Thanks to everyone I still have the motivation to push forward with bettering my life as well as my sons.  We will forever and always be thankful for the assistance we received from the love house kids program.

Thank you!

Amy E Fitzgerald

RV Fire
This is why...

Your donations go directly to vulnerable children such as these who lost everything. Love House was there immediately to help. This is an example of how your donations directly help kids in need.

Thank you to Sun Village Community

They provided school supplies and back packs For 125 kids that we try to provide for. Even with Covid-19 and its restrictions, they got the job done. Look out when the Grandparents come out to get a job done. Mention kids they are there! Lets not forget Tim-Shelley Lee & Moving Team Six, LLC who with temps of 110 picked up, loaded and unloaded the packs, not to forget he dropped his work schedule to make it happen. Also thanks to Samuel Williams for unloading. He's one of the graduates of our program and giving back.

Support The Love House Kids Program, and ensure that children in need will continue to benefit from the safety, love, and hope we provide. It takes a community effort to protect these children and give them the tools and resources they need to become happy and productive members of society. We rely on the generous donations of individuals and organizations alike to work toward that most-important goal!
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We are so proud of them, their efforts and determination to make it right for their children. Thank you to all our supporters who finance these programs. You are making a difference. We will be there until we aren't needed. There is no age out with us.


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