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What we Do At Love House Kids Program

The Love House Kids Program was an extension of an effort to clothe and provide the extra necessities for children in crisis. A client of Cactus Country Property Professionals was looking for a means to give back to community since he was enjoying so much success in his business life. Being from an impoverished back ground himself and not sure where the food might come from, he really wanted to feed children in need. After much research, Maureen and this client who is such a dear friend to “The Love House Kids Program” investigated and personally went to see this one small group who seemed to be doing a wonderful job taking on children that had been abruptly removed from their homes and abusers.

There were many things on their wish list and very little extra anything, including bodies to help with the extra activities etc that needed to be done. This client and friend left there making the decision to feed these children so they fill out their fax request to Sam’s Club for the month and he pays approximately a thousand a month out of his own pocket and has for 5 years. Sitting in her car after being overwhelmed with the hearts of the care givers and the little victims in receipt of this love, Maureen knew she could not drive out of that parking lot and not do something so she decided that she would clothe them while her friend was feeding them and thus started the clothing bank. We collected and still do, gently used clothes and donations to purchase what we don’t have and would make sure every child had a full wardrobe including shoes to keep of their own.

We had started a motto “Cactus Country Property Professionals and Children in Need, It’s A Love Story!” As time went on, there was a tug on Maureen’s heart to do more and thus came the Love house program. As a real estate company, she would donate a portion of her commission earned on a house to the program and eventually was able to obtain lenders to agree that if one of her clients used them that they too would match the donation . Her agents soon jumped into this program with her and thus were able to have a greater impact on getting the job done for children. Love House Kids Program was born and continues to grow one child at a time.


Maureen & DaughterMichelle

Grandson Jesse

Maureen Karpinski

Love House Founder & Director
"My dream would be that every child could be loved and respected in the same manner and commitment that I have for my daughter and grandson."

Maureen & Grandson Jesse

The real estate agent and owner of Cactus Country Property Professionals grew up in Ontario as the only child of two alcoholic and negligent parents, who left her to fend for herself in life. The experience taught her hard-earned self-sufficiency, determined independence and a lifelong compassion for addicts and the children they wound. Because of her Nanny’s (Grandmother) ability to transmit non conditional love across the seas from England to her and being the only source of Love and kindness, Maureen knows first hand what a difference one person can make in a child’s life even from a distance. Every time she thinks of her, which is still daily, or look at a picture of her own grandson that’s always on her desk, she knows why there is ”The Love House Kids Program” and why it must thrive.

After donating 25-30 hours a week, creating the Love House Program as a charity in her real estate business, putting on fund raisers and doing clothing drives and running a clothing bank for organizations that house neglected and abused kids, Maureen felt it was time to become their own non profit and use all these resources she has built up over the years to help others who may not be affiliated with these organizations, do more for the poorest of poor children along with continuing her work with these small organizations. We just feel that we can do more. All of the sponsors of the Love House program of Cactus Country Property Professionals have been so generous over the years and are so willing to expand their commitment with us and they too feel they can bring more people on board to help these little victims if it is us who is the keeper of the funds and goods and that it is The Love House Kids Program being accountable and overlooking the distribution of funds and goods to the children