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Your donations go directly to vulnerable children such as these who lost everything. Love House was there immediately to help. This is an example of how your donations directly help kids in need.

RV Fire

Yearly Budget:

​30% The Dorm transitional home and storage

​30% Training and Life skills programs Therapy, Tutoring, Purpose and Values Building, Relationship Building, Bible Study, Independent life Skills, Exercise and Nutrition

​5% Christmas Giving

​15% Homeless shelter for moms with children and clothing

10% Fundraising

0% Salaries or Commissions

The Love House Kids Program’s mission is to break the cycle of child abuse. We
believe this is possible through our values of LOVE.

L ife improvement skills
O ffer opportunities
V alue every child
E ncourage independence

L ife improvement skills: When children are removed from their family system, they still
need to learn skills to improve their life. A few of the weekly groups we provide are
about boundaries, trust, relationships, anger management, goals, and staying positive.

O ffer opportunities: The DCS system struggles to meet all of the needs of these
children. We provide private therapy and tutoring for the children who need it. We also
provide Christmas for hundreds of kids by gathering donations and gifts throughout the

V alue every child: We believe if we can show these children they are valued, they will
start to believe their worth. We hold hope for the kids when they feel like their world is
full of darkness.

E ncourage independence: We teach job interviewing skills, budgeting skills, exercise,
cooking, and other independent living skills. We have created The Dorm, a Transitional
Independent Living House, which provides individuals a place to practice their
independence skills.

​These boys and  girls have already shown the desire to lead healthy successful lives and that is why they are being considered for the program.

The program volunteers will provide guidance and encouragement to each child/teen. However, without proper motivation and willingness on the child's part to be taught new techniques for dealing with life's circumstances, they will not succeed at "The Dorm".

Love House’s Mission:  To break the cycle of child abuse through helping children to cultivate purpose and values, develop life skills (such as acceptable communication and behavior, healthy boundaries, respecting self and others, discovering self-motivation, and rising above their situation), job training, and one-on-one counseling.

Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  We are such a group, and we reinforce that these are not forgotten kids, they are not the throw-aways in our community.

Our Mission is to Break the Cycle of Child Abuse
The Love House Project
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