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Your donations go directly to vulnerable children such as these who lost everything. Love House was there immediately to help. This is an example of how your donations directly help kids in need.

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Kids Helping Kids

Yearly Budget:

​30% The Dorm transitional home and storage

​30% Training and Life skills programs Therapy, Tutoring, Purpose and Values Building,Relationship Building, Bible Study, Independent life Skills, Exercise and Nutrition

​5% Christmas Giving

​15% Homeless shelter for moms with children and clothing

0% Salaries or Commissions


Teens that enter our program experience one-to-one counseling while they are in the program. They setup goals for virtually all areas of their lives spiritual/emotional, educational/vocational, parenting,finances and life skills and are held responsible for those goals. For example, teens help draft their own budgets and are required to follow their plan each month, being held accountable by turning in expenses and income as directed. They have a counselor that has customized their budget perimeters to meet their needs. These girls have already shown the desire to lead healthy successful lives and that is why they are being considered for the program.

The program is from 12 to 24 months in length (could be longer) and is not for everyone. The program volunteers will provide guidance and encouragement to each girl. However, without proper motivation and willingness on the girl’s part to be taught new techniques for dealing with life’s circumstances, she will not succeed at “The Dorm”.

Transitional Independent Living House For Those That Want To Succeed

Our program is one that provides assistance to teens, allowing them time to overcome past problems, accept an appropriate level of personal responsibility and acquire life skills and for those that haven’t finished school to graduate. There is a strong emphasis on finishing school, developing job skills and establishing a career in a field that will be able to provide enough income for them to become completely self-sustaining. We are NOT state funded and we don’t encourage our girl’s to be now or ever. Our program attempts to further our young people’s desire to live successful, independent, healthy and spiritual lives. We will attempt to provide them with the people and tools to develop healthy habits they can pass on to their children and break the chain of child neglect, criminal thinking and government assistance. This will be their personal home with their own private locked rooms. They are independently paying their way with some help from us and it is NOT a group home, The Dorm is not just a place to stay.

It is a place to succeed

Providing Job Training

We have someone that teaches the kids how to look for a job, how to dress for that interview. We will buy them interview clothes. They are taught working ethics and accountability. These kids at 18 are out of the system with no place to live and responsible to provide for themselves.

To address this troublesome problem we created The Dorm, a Transitional Independent Living House

Bible Study

That is sometimes controversial but not to us. These kids need more than the knowledge and habits of their parents and the other kids in the group homes that came from the same type of parenting. Drugs and bad relationships hound these kids. Many grew up with this lifestyle; many had drug sales as a means of provision and let’s not forget prostitution. How about a huge percentage of these kids have been sexually abused by a parent or family member. They need to know there is pillar for them to lean on that won’t destroy them. Hopefully we can do enough with this that they will turn to the right source for help with decisions and the comfort they so desperately need.​

We provide Christmas for hundreds of kids at Christmas. We have two outreaches that consist of the extremely pool. These kids will be with a family member (maybe a single parent and most likely a grandmother on a fixed budget) Along with the outreach, we send out Christmas wish lists to the group home kids that we help all year and they get to fill in their lists and we distribute to our supporters and pick up the remaining houses Many of these kids are teenagers and the passion just isn’t there with the general public to supply for teenagers. The difference between the 15 year old teen and the 5 year old little one is 10 years of abuse. We also help out a couple of CPS case workers who do their best to supply some kind of Christmas for the families they are servicing and that’s out of their own pocket. When we see that kind of an effort and passion, we just want to jump in and help.​

Giving Back To the Community

These Children have no idea of relationship and their worth in them. We have classes to teach these kids what a good relationship is, what they need to look for. We emphasize their relationship with GOD first and then take it to the family relationships and what’s appropriate. Teach how to develop mutually supportive relationship. How to strengthen relationships with active listening. We then graduate into the choosing a mate .This is almost a constant emergency situation. These kids want family so bad and what they hope a family should be, they will go with anyone that suggests they like them, they care about them and do anything for them which is usually disastrous. Much of the teenage pregnancy derived from the group home and foster kids is based on them trying to invent their own perfect family. We all know this is a disaster. They just reinvent the dysfunction they came from with the same tools and thinking, resulting in still more kids suffering child abuse. We aggressively attack this problem in every way we can. We teach them their value and what they deserve, along with what behavior they need to develop to attract the healthy, honest people.​

Teaching Relationship Building

Again most of these kids know poverty and it’s usually ignited by the life style of the parents they were taken from. They know dependency on all the systems, housing, food and anything else. We want these kids to grow up to be responsible independent adults that can provide for the families they will eventually have. Breaking the cycle of dependency is major in building self-esteem and that self-esteem carries over to the type of parent they can be and again break the cycle of dependency and child abuse.

​The kids are used to an allotment of $150 dollars a year for clothing so when they start to earn money, it just all goes with no regard for the roof over their head and healthy food. They are used to poverty; they know how to live poor. They need to see how to live within their means and denounce poverty. It is imperative that we teach these kids and give them a chance of something new like their own value and independence.

​We do age specific clothing drives. These kids can’t cloth themselves for the year on 150 dollars. They need to at least fit in with their peers and not wear the label of a “group home kid” That starts a downward spiral that usually takes them to the streets and settling for whatever or whoever comes along. They feel so inadequate, so flawed. We pitch in and help where we can. The same applies to school supplies. These kids don’t want to start school feeling and looking different from day one of the year. This also applies to our outreaches with a family member that loves them but does not have the funds to cloth them or supply school supplies. These families rely on us wholly every year. They are so appreciative.

Provide budgeting classes and new skills
Cultivating Purpose and Values

Teach them how worthy and individual they truly are. Skills to communicate in a manner that is acceptable. Learn to be able to state their real needs, treat others with respect, and respect themselves. Teach boundaries and what boundaries they need to expect from others. What is acceptable behavior from their peers and family members? Help them to develop self-discipline and management. Learning how to be a creator in their life and not a victim. Learning how to turn off the inner thoughts of self-destruction. Affirm that they are lovable and knowing that they are worthy of it. Discover self-motivation. The value of higher education after high school. How to set goals.

We work with abused and neglected children in the CPS system and outreach programs in the community. Our programs encourage stability and self-esteem. These children need to experience their God given right to safety, love and hope. The children in our programs receive unconditional love and consistent ongoing support.

We currently finance and maintain: Private therapy: When a child in the CPS system needs therapy immediately and can’t wait for a counselor through the system, we bring in trained professionals paid by The Love House Kids Program. The trauma and depth of hurt for these children needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. We are contacted by other members of the community as well to help children that can’t get the therapeutic help they desperately need. Tutors: When a child is struggling in school because he or she has been extracted from family and a familiar school setting and placed into a new one, along with living with strange people, we are there with private tutors. We find they thrive when given the extra help to succeed in school. Exercise and Nutrition Classes: Our classes provide the tools for changing unhealthy diet and exercise habits that have come from dysfunctional family situations, shelter and group home situations. With food used as a comfort for so many, we find that this cycle can be broken with intervention from our classes taught by trained instructors who truly care about the individual child. The instructors are given knowledge and background information and individualize programs for each child.They are dedicated to educate the children towards a healthier lifestyle. A healthy diet and exercise helps promote good self esteem.

Our Mission is to break the cycle of child abuse
The Love House Project

1. Our Mission is to break the cycle of child abuse
2. Cultivating Purpose and Values
3. Teaching Relationship Building
4. Giving Back To the Community
5. Providing Job Training
6. Expectations
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