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                    19 Sept 2014

Rockers Helping Foster Kids

Tomorrow the 20th, in Phoenix Arizona USA, original Alice Cooper member Michael Bruce will be doing a charity gig where money goes to help foster children. All the money, meaning 100 percent of it, goes to the care of the adolescents. All done through a non profit organization called, 'The Love House Kids Program'.

Official Website for The Love House Kids Program

Official Facebook page for The Love House KIds Program

From the rehearsal footage found on Michael Bruce's official Facebook page(s), it looks like a set of very cool Cooper classics will be performed by himself and a few other musicians. We can call them the Michael Bruce Group - AZ Version? Michael Bruce & Friends? With songs performed by Brother Bruceski & His Cosmonauts (my favorite).

It also looks like Michael has been losing some weight I'm trying to keep in better shape myself. Easier said then done.

Michael Bruce Official Facebook Pages

Can You Donate?

I have a MAJOR car repair coming up, but am still going to come up with a few bucks to give to them. It's a fundraiser. Money goes to help foster kids.

The mission at the Love House Kids Program is simple, and can be found on their website;

"Our Mission is to break the cycle of child abuse."

Children end up in foster homes for many reasons. In my case it was because my parents had both died by the time I was age twelve. The State sends funds to a foster home to help provide shelter, food, and the very basic necessities. A separate check might come a few times a year for clothing. Health Insurance is provided. Should a child need anything above and beyond what is considered normal allowances, it can take time, or never happen. Case workers / social workers are typically over worked, so therefore things can be over looked. With very little guidance given, to the child it's like no one gives a shit, and they stop trying / caring about themselves. Many fall through the cracks. This happened to me. The future of anyone in this type of situation is bleak at best. Long story short, I busted my balls to survive...period. It would have been easier if others supported and understood what I was going through. Our financial support can help. I believe a ticket for the event is $40.00....EVERYONE can purchases one. If not close by...may I suggest buying one TODAY or TOMORROW online, and then just send your regards.

The Love House Kids Program Official Internet Donation Page (you can also snail mail a check)

Request: PLEASE SHARE ------> lets TRY to make the event / fundraiser a MAJOR success by donating what you can. It may not be for kids in your own State, or even Country...MB is coming out of retirement for this one...let's give him a hand (if possible).

Accompanying Image: Michael Bruce ROCKING OUT in Houston Texas (Cardi's 1998). Picture taken by yours truly.

THANKS (on behalf of us here at Classic Rock Radio Dot EU)

Gary Brown
1970's Foster Child / US Correspondent for CRR (Dot EU)

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