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Good Morning everyone Maliqui turned 4 on Friday and most of those four years he spent with the Love House thanks to all of you. This is where your money from the fund raiser goes. It’s real! It happens! Attached are the pictures of our mom and son who have moved to San Diego. Dalia has sent her email to you and I have not edited it because it’s her email. She refers to me because I was the contact person but there were others in her life too like Jody and we could not have provided her housing, tutors, life’s kills and the list goes on without you and your generosity. This is how together we can Stop Child Abuse. Here is her email to you:

The Love House Kids Program

​ ​The love house is an awesome program. I say that because that time that I was there, I did everything I could to prepare myself for my future. Maureen the Director helped me. With the help of Maureen; I enrolled myself in cosmetology school, and managed to graduate. I Know I would have not done it without their help. I started living at the house when I was 18 yrs old, and I move out when I turned 21 yrs of age. I am very thankful to know the Love house kids Program. I appreciated that they provide a house for my son and let stay there for as long as we lived there. I do not have the words to say that I am very thankful. Maureen always uses to encourage me to get things done, so I wouldn’t be stressing about it later. The love house provides classes for young ladies about, health, beauty, and relationships. Those classes show me how valuable I am. Thank you Maureen.

Sincerely yours,

Dalia Bernal.

Dalia has had the training on making decisions, the seeds have been planted. She knows what to do in stressful situations with her son and she knows she has a network of people at the end of the phone. Mali as we call him won’t know child abuse. Dalia was one of the most willing teenagers I have ever met. Sure there had to be times she couldn’t stand me because of the direction but regardless of that, she didn’t run. She just did it. She wanted to make something of herself and was going to stayed focused on what needed to be done to get there along with being a good mom with a full blown boy ( he was a full time job on his own). ALL OF YOU ARE AWESOME FOR SHARING IN MAKING THIS HAPPEN! Dalia wanted to share these photos with you. Take a bow!

            Love house Christmas and the blessings keep coming....

Good morning, everyone;

The blessings just keep coming and these children are going to have a wonderful Christmas. Every year you just amaze me, not to mention humble me. The last 5 children were taken by Marcy and then we had another one and that got taken care of in 5 minutes.

We received another boy’s list this morning Nathan who is 11who just arrived at the group home and his list is attached, if anyone can take on another child.

We put our first toy drive for this year together yesterday for an outreach that deals with the extreme poverty stricken kids. Martha,  Pricilla and her boyfriend and Tina and Alexis jumped right in and helped bag it. Tag it and have it ready for pick up. It wouldn’t be right if one of the Konkol’s weren’t involved and of course Josh Konkol did the delivery to outreach. This type of stuff is invaluable. Without us there would not be anything on Christmas morning. All of you make that happen. We are in desperate need of boys toys ages 6-10 the cupboard is literally bare. I bought tons last week but we still ran out. If you still want to do something, that’s where our need is right now. You can also donate to at our Donation page. I promise that is where the money will go. Let me know if you do that so I can send you a tax deductible receipt.

We had another life skills program yesterday at the Girls Place. Tina, personal trainer came in and taught the girls nutrition and how to read the labels on food. It was just amazing, I worried that the kids would be bored but knew they just have to have this. One more time worried for absolutely nothing, these kids got into big time, asked question after question. We get enough of this kind of information in front of these teens and work with them, we help change their lifestyle and you bet those babies that will come along. Joyce Kirkpatrick made this happen like always. Gary Kirkpatrick paid for the lunch, what a surprise Right!

Without all of you all year, the life skills, the bible study, the exercise, the relationship appropriateness training and the therapy wouldn’t happen and let’s not forget the Girl’s Place wouldn’t exist. Tell you what I am thankful for All of You!

Thank you, let me know if someone can take our latest kid and if anyone can help out with boys toys 6-10.

Have a terrific week


Maureen's Notes