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December 2016 - Matthew

We get a call that an 18 year old, which is the blissful age that DCS age the kids out and they are on their own, needs help. He is in an apartment with one blanket, one paper plate, and a 17 inch TV that the previous owner has left behind.

Matthew has no food, running out of metered electricity, and has only the clothes on his back. His caseworker from a while ago called us. She had received the call from him and she was concerned so she went to see him. Oh, I forgot to tell you HE IS MENTALLY CHALLENGED!  However, he can remember her number. Amazing how we can make an impact on these kids even when we don’t realize it, but he remembered her. The one that really cared about him as she does with all her kids. 

I had a call from Antajj to ask me about more kids at Christmas and then it was followed up by an email introduction to his fiancé Nicolette who wanted to be more of a help to our kids. It wasn’t 24 hours after that I got this call from the case worker. Nicolette had the contacts to be able to obtain housewares and some furniture. Matt now has furniture, food, clothes.

When people jump on our Love Train, you just never know where it’s going but you can count on it going somewhere.

This is my grateful email in response:

Nicolette, I was so happy to have received your email when I did and then to get the phone call less than 24 hours after our introduction. Thank you for being a part of this. Making this happen would have been extremely difficult. His old caseworker is trying to get some hook up to groups who can take some of the bite of loneliness away. She has also contacted a church to engage their support.

Again, thank you for your selfless heart. Antajj, I owe Ed Knowles {Big Ed} for the introduction. Thank you both.



Here are the pictures from Express’s generous donations. I came to find out the only clothes that Matthew owned were the clothes on his back. When they arrived as you can see by the pictures he had nothing but a blanket and a tiny TV that was left for him when he moved in. Now he has food, clothes, furniture, hygiene products, as well as the housewares and linens that we were sending over. I was also told that he only had $4.00 left on his electric meter box before he was without electricity and his old case worker went and added money so he would continue to have electricity.
I am almost crying here!!! I am so happy we could help.

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