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Sereno Soccer Team Organizes Gift Exchange for Kids in Need

​It is has been a week in the history of the love house kids program and and a Christmas that we never dreamed of. A week ago today, we were asked to pick up for the families that Community of Joy Christian School had adopted. These children worked all year on this as this year's project. We went with a driver from Global Electronics and their lift truck and it is a good thing we did. This started out with the names from Katee's mom who is a CPS worker,of kids that just would not be receiving for Christmas, These kids were probably receiving the love of some family member and in their home but there was barely enough money for food. The kids decided that they would take on not only the child that we had the name for the entire family. These families even received food. The generosity was unbelievable. It took us hours to load the truck. There other families as well that didn't necessarily have kids from CPS that we had but were extremely poor.

​I first got to hear the children sing and pray and then I was asked to come on stage and talk to the kids. I am not good at public speaking so that was a bit nerve racking and then I looked out at this church full of children and was so overwhelmed, I nearly cried, The innocence of children. These kids don't want for anything and yet from the ages of pre kindergarten, they were already giving. It just stuck in my head all week Kids giving to kids with no hidden agenda, just giving. My prayer is that every child we encounter this year and all the ones we follow can know the security and love that these children have. Hats off to Grace Anderson who headed up this whole project this year. She so gets it and the work that she had to put into this to make it come together was a lot. The teachers were fantastic. Wish our kids could learn from them. I do not have pictures yet but Grace was hoping to get a couple to me when they get back from a much needed break. Before I close I want to insert an email that I received from Kimberlee, Katee's new mom and CPS worker. Kimberlee is the case worker that we at the Love House wishes all case workers were like. She is excellent and so cares about the kids. She doesn't have to do this at Christmas but she loves everyone of her kids. Katee and I always kid about how Katee finally hit the jack pot when she went to Kimberlee's home. Here it is and tells it all.....


​I just finished sorting the gifts for the different case managers and families and am in Ahhhhh at the generosity and the thoughtfulness of so many people. I know times are hard for all of us right now in this economy, but it is never so bad that the Angels of the world forget  to shine. I want to thank everyone personally as you all have no idea the smiles you will put on so many faces this Christmas. I hope that all of you that have donated your time and money to these families that are in crisis, sit back and thank God for all you have, and as your sitting there with your own families, take a minute and think about the laughter and joy you will bring to so many children, that you have no idea your thoughtfulness touched this season. It brings tears to my eyes when I see the ugly side of child abuse, and neglect that affects so many people. It makes my job worth it when I know the little steps we take each days in these families lives makes some kind of difference.

Thank you from my heart and may God bless you all


Temple Kol Ami Homeless Outreach Drive

I had the honor of meeting up with these kids at their Sunday School a couple of weeks ago. 

These kids sorted and labeled bags of clothes that they had contributed for the group home kids and extreme poor outreach. There was nothing for me to do except distribute. Amazing job!  Danny and I had brainstormed before all of this as to what his Sunday School Class could do to give back to the kids. Abby, Danny’s daughter helped in the decision making of what her class wanted to do. They knew that we had pledged to sponsor two families this year while the Bridge is getting reorganized and starting over and Danny felt that they could definitely take on a project of doing a kitchen. I have attached pictures of just what that looks like when it comes to this team. It was outstanding! This is the second time this year that we have been so blessed with Kids doing for Kids. First was the Church of Joy Community with Christmas for kids and then Danny’s group with clothes and an entire kitchen for a homeless mom and child. We have a fine group of young people doing all the right things to be fantastic caring adults. It is one of the nicest places to be when you are with these outstanding kids.  I asked Danny to describe to me in his words how the kitchen came about.

Anyway, here’s what happened;

Temple Kol Ami is a reform Jewish congregation in Scottsdale.  It has a long history of supporting social action projects – from food drives to helping to support a summer camp experience for underprivileged children.

​​I wanted to do something to get Abby’s 7th grade Sunday School

class involved in planning and doing good things at a young age.

So after I met with you to come up with ideas, I met with the kids.

I wanted to let them choose the type of project they wanted to

do.  We discussed everything from raising money for mosquito

nets to prevent malaria in Africa to helping Love House with a

clothing drive.  The kids all loved the idea of doing something

locally to help children.  They also especially loved the idea of

helping with the apartment to help a homeless mother with

children move into a safe place and to transition into being

able to provide for her family.


Once you sent out the word that the apartment had come through and there was a woman and her child who needed to outfit a kitchen, I just sent an e-mail to all of the parents of these 7th graders.  The response was immediate and fantastic.  Everyone chipped in.  Some donated cash to use to buy what was needed, and others went shopping.  Some did both.  I gathered everything together, and my wife, my daughter, and I made sure that everything on that list was accounted for in some way.  It truly was a team effort, and it came together in just a few days.

                     Daniel J. Adelman

   Kids Helping Kids
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