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2016 Love House Kids Bullying Class

Thank you to everyone that helped support this class and seminar. It was much needed and received so well by the kids. We knew the class was needed but the kids confirmed that for us in a big way and want more. Coming from teenagers that speaks volumes. Some kids identified, some got a new prospective on the impact of bullying, some decided to become a support for kids being bullied rather than ignoring it. All in all it was a success and we are making plans to do a follow up. The kids have given us feedback as to what they want us to cover. The Elk Lodge did an outstanding job as always and invited us back. They made a point of letting me know how well mannered our kids were (55 of them) and how clean they left the facility. The past presidents alumni were the group doing the cooking of the hamburgers and hot dogs. They welcomed our kids with open arms and then decided to donate the food. It's no secret that the Elks are all about kids and they surely show it on all sides. Our kids had first hand exposure to fabulous role models. Touching on role models Antajj and Tyler from the Rattlers spoke and mingled with kids. The kids loved it and again another positive role model situation happened. Again none of this would be possible without you. This is what needs to happen and you make it happen. Thank you.

Outstanding event for the 2018 Free2 B series. Our kids aging out of the DCS System  or getting close to it got first hand information. The facilitator were incredible. Some with their own story, some brought people that have made it and  came from the same childhood situation as they did.

We had Attorneys, both Criminal and Family practices, answering kids questions. Job interviewers, financial planners .This was for the kids at the kids level of questions and awareness.

The kids were phenomenal. They engaged and participated.  All of us were blessed by the Elks who once again backed us 100 percent, They donated the room and lunch. They really get what we are trying to do for the kids. Together we can fight Child Abuse!

2019 Opioids and Fentanyl Seminar

We had a seminar on Opioids and Fentanyl at the Phoenix Elks Club. It was powerful to say the least, with information from top professionals, testimonies from young people from Teen Challenge who have been down the addiction route and are in recovery Their presentation was so deep, so real. Our teens really listened to what they had to say and, at the end, you could have heard a pin drop.

Most of these kids are from group homes. They asked questions and were engaged.

They were followed by Terry Mahan and his wife who shared their nightmare and so sad story of losing a wonderful son to fentanyl. It was informative and heartbreaking. All they wanted to do was stop another kid from dying. More than generous on their part.

Travis Chenoweth LMSW works at Banner, an in-patient psychiatric hospital as a clinical case manager on the adolescent unit serving adolescents in psychiatric crisis and individuals needing detox from substances. Travis had information we hadn’t even heard of. What a resource he was!

Cathy Smyser MSN, FNP-C Faculty: Family Nurse Practitioner Program College of Nursing & Health Care Professions, gave us information on fentanyl and other opioids and, just as important, expressed to these kids how much they are loved. We were there because we cared. We believe they can accomplish what they want and are worthy enough to reach their goals.

We had such a full agenda that two of our scheduled speakers couldn’t be heard. Phoenix PD was there and we didn’t get to them or Fran Delgado who is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and a Clinical Supervisor in the state of Arizona. She has been working in the behavioral health field since 2000 and has over 10 years of counseling experience. However, Fran was on standby through whole event in case something being said triggered one of the kids and they needed to talk to someone. Fran holds group sessions for our teenage girls every week. Her compassion for helping others shows through with all these kids She has been doing this for well over a year. The girls love her sessions.

Cleo Lewis, assistant pastor, MC’d the whole event and he, too, facilitates a teenage boys group every week. He is definitely aware of the devastation and very active in the community of homeless and addiction issues.

What an Event - How Powerful - Thank You

2017 Free to Be Workshop

Free to Be workshop June 11, 2017, was sponsored by Love House Kids Program with the facility and lunch provided by The Elks Club of Phoenix.

It was a day filled with information and guest presenters for the kids.

The Workshop centered on the future for the kids as they prepare for the world as adults.

Included in the program were topics ranging from relationship building, Careers, learning to live with loss, money management, building self esteem and the angels in our lives.

The kids were polite and interested and were encouraged to ask questions. We thank the wonderful Elks, our angels on earth, who provided a great lunch of all-you-can-eat hamburgers and hotdogs.

Maureen Karpinski did her best as always bringing the presenters' expertise to the kids.  Angels were in the room for sure!

Darius Perry motivated the kids with his life's journey and his ideas for moving on into adulthood with realistic positive goals and heartfelt advice.

Kimberly Barr and the other presenters stressed the importance of healthy relationship building, money management and more as the kids move forward after life  in their group homes. Rob McCusker was there for us as always taking photos and videos.  Thank you to all who attended and presented and donated their time to this special day!

2018 Free to Be Workshop

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